“America,” more stupid than ever.

I’m deeply disappointed with the US right now. Several states making themselves lazier, people getting even more closed minded.

As I said before, I have never seen more racism as there is in the US. It’s just ridiculous. People are just wrong. I was watching CNN and they were mocking football soccer in favor of their American Football (look for the caps,) a more aggressive, brutal kind of football. Are they animals?

I, myself, don’t even know how football works, but I don’t think I have to to see the difference and the closed state of mind of “americans”; and I quote that because apparently they think America corresponds only to the 50 states of the united states… And they leave Puerto Rico aside of course.

La Coupe Du Monde de la FIFA is the biggest sporting event of the world (that and the Olympics) and they seem not to care so much for it as they would do when it’s the SuperBowl season. I get it, different cultures have different believes and different traditions but c’mon, this (the immigration thing) is just over the top.

People complain about immigrants taking jobs from “americans,” but “americans” don’t even try to EARN the jobs, they’re too lazy to do so, as I said before: any employer would rather employ an individual with desire to work rather than one that is from the beginning trying to get a bigger salary doing less hours.

They should not waste their time implementing stupid laws that in the long run will increase demand of immigrants AND if their problem is that ILLEGAL people are taking americans jobs and paying taxes and stuff, well, that would not happen if the United States (OF ALL AMERICA, IT SEEMS) dropped this Visa thing they love. The demand to come to the US in search of “the american dream” would decrease since anyone could go in and out of the states; it’s just logical.

Also, they must replace old-balding-closed-minded-people who are in the senate approving, making and “improving” such laws with young people who actually didn’t grow up in the 60s. They should remember that the United States grew because of IMMIGRANTS when the industrial revolution (evolution, actually) was on.

Please, “America,” grow up.